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Los Angeles, CA 90021 // 1-866-738-7297 //
The “Original” PETaPOTTY was designed with two people in mind, you and your pet. Don’t bother with imitations, or “like” products. Pooch Potty, Wiz Dog, Penthouse Potty. We build and produce all PETaPOTTY’s from only the finest materials available and back our products with a Lifetime guarantee.You’re dog will be sure to love the Pet Potty. Your pooch can enjoy the PETaPOTTY as a potty training tool, while busy professionals living in the city can enjoy the freedom of not having to walk their pet. Homeowners benefit by maintaining beautiful, stain-free, lush grass. Yacht/Boat owners can keep their "Sea" legs while keeping a PETaPOTTY onboard. Pet professionals such as Veterinarians, Store Owners, Dog Breeders and Trainers alike can all appreciate a clean, hygienic space for their pets to "go". PETaPOTTY is the ultimate indoor dog toilet.
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